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Open Book Booking®

You want to build a house of impeccable quality, low energy rating and save money while you’re at it; then let me introduce you to a new concept in the building industry – Open Book Building®

Guaranteed to save you money over building contractor rates, Open Book Building® is the ultimate building method for those who want to self-build but may lack the time, knowledge or experience to do it.

With you in control of all aspects of your building project, but with somebody else doing all the work for you, it is the hassle free, money saving method, designed specifically around your needs.

Call today for your no fee, no obligation, first consultation and let me explain why Open Book Building® is for you.

John – 087 9740707

Open Book Building® is the most transparent and honest method by which you can build your house; saving you time, saving you money and saving you all the stress. You can sit back and enjoy the progress of your build, while we do all the work for you, for example:

  • Modifying your design specification to give you a higher energy rating
  • Sourcing sub-contractors
  • Sourcing supplies
  • Controlling & managing your budget
  • Ensuring all work is carried out to the highest possible standards

Benefits of Open Book Building®

  • We will manage the build of your new home and save you significantly on building contractor rates
  • We will be organising your project on a daily basis and will be the point of contact for all sub-contractors, leaving you hassle-free
  • You will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an experienced engineer/designer on site, supervising and carrying out all work to the highest possible standards
  • We negotiate the best possible prices for every skill and material, passing all of the savings on to you
  • We will meet you on site at a time that suits your schedule
  • Your house can be built to a highly energy efficient standard and save you even more money
  • We can offer you a complete turn-key solution
  • You will be guided through and included in every stage of the build process